Your Vision

“As my fathers planted for me, I will plant for my children.”
The Talmud, Tannit, 23A

Giving through the Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary says something about who you are: you are concerned about the welfare of others, you are thoughtful about your charitable giving, you are interested in making a long term commitment to support the Jewish community. You are a leader with a vision of how the community could be made better and are interested in putting dollars behind your vision. The amount need not be large: by utilizing planned giving vehicles including insurance and life annuities, and awareness of tax advantages, we can help you to maximize your gift to the community. The JCFC aspires to give every donor the opportunity to make a permanent difference in the Calgary Jewish community and Israel.

Our Mission

To create a philanthropic environment that will make giving relevant and meaningful to people of all ages.

The JCFC is primarily donor directed: we help donors give back to the communities they care about in ways that are simple, convenient and lasting, ensuring that they receive the maximum tax benefit of their contributions. Through an endowment, a planned giving program or a bequest, donors can direct their philanthropy to institutions, programs, fields of interest or charitable causes that are important to them. Together these donations help to secure the long-term financial stability of our community.

We also manage funds entrusted to us by other organizations, pooling monies to maximize returns and minimize administrative expenses, whether those organizations choose to use their funds for operating costs or future needs. Our investment portfolio has a long and stable history. We seek to maximize returns within acceptable risk parameters in order to maintain the purchasing power of our endowments.

Our Grants and Allocations committee allocates the investment income from undesignated funds and contributions to the General Heritage Fund to provide bursaries for post-secondary education and special funding for innovative community programs. As a go-to resource with over twenty five years of involvement in the Calgary Jewish Community, we are able to help match donors with causes in need of funding.

Our Values

The JCFC strives to operate in a manner consistent with the best principles, traditions, and teachings of our people. The Foundation is built on gifts from donors and takes it stewardship responsibilities seriously. Donors will receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers to their questions, and can be comfortable that their funds are being managed with care and will be used for the purposes for which they were given.