• We were established in 1990
  • We are a registered society in Province of Alberta and a registered charity under the Canada Income Tax Act
  • We are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • We receive funds from individuals, families, foundations, corporations and non-profits in the community
  • We manage endowments so as to provide funds for the community in perpetuity
  • Investments overseen by our Investment Committee

We make your charitable giving easy and effective:

  • Quick and easy process to establish a fund in your name
  • One-stop shopping for a wide range of charitable giving options
  • Skilled investment management of your funds
  • Regular reports detailing your investment performance
  • Transparency in costs and investment policies
  • Flexibility in processing your grant recommendations

We provide community leadership:

  • We encourage the build up of permanent financial resources to sustain community for generations to come
  • We provide grants and scholarships from discretionary funds that enable students to study in Calgary and in Israel, to attend Jewish summer camps, to support Holocaust remembrance and education, and to seed and strengthen vital community programs and institutions