Participation in the JCFC pooled portfolio is open to every charitable organization.

The JCFC is proud to work in partnerships with community agencies, congregations, and charitable organizations to build their financial strength. By working with JCFC to invest, manage and build funds, these organizations are investing in their future, growing assets and building a solid financial base.

The JCFC hosts both custodial and permanent endowment funds and is also available to assist charitable organizations in fund development.

Why establish an organizational fund at JCFC?

 Performance: The portfolio goal is to have a long-term rate of return that will preserve the purchasing power of endowments, meet administrative expenses, and surpass the 3.5% distribution level required by the Canada Revenue Agency of all foundations. Funds are pooled and professionally managed according to the JCFC Investment Policy Statement under the oversight of our board and our investment committee, comprised of volunteers with expertise in investments, finance, law, and real estate. The current managers of the JCFC funds are Gluskin Sheff and Associates and Mawer Investment Management Ltd., two of Canada’s premier investment managers.

Investing your funds with JCFC gives your organization access to an expertly managed portfolio designed to consistently deliver solid returns. Pooling of funds gives the capacity to diversify investments and reduce management fees, increasing returns and reducing risk.

Ease of administration and relatively low fees. There are cost savings in having your organization’s funds managed by the JCFC, both in administrative time and in management fees. Quarterly fund statements, record keeping, cheque-writing, and regular communication are included in the annual administrative fee. Fees vary according to the nature and size of the fund, please contact the JCFC office for detailed information.

Ability to accept all kinds of gifts. The JCFC has the capacity to handle gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, insurance, thinly traded shares, real estate, art, antiques and other non-standard gifts. See our Gift Acceptance Policy for additional information.

Resources: Placing your custodial or permanent endowment fund with the JCFC gives your organization access to a local community foundation with resources, experience and an excellent reputation for donor stewardship, grant-making and community leadership. As well as helping agencies manage funds, JCFC can assist in fund development, helping agencies target specific audiences whom they want to reach, train their leadership in gift planning, and provide materials and information that can be used to reach donors and potential donors. The Foundation is also available to help agencies develop and deliver educational presentations to constituents, as well as assisting in one-on-one solicitations.

Which fund is right for your organization?

A Custodial Fund 

A Custodial Fund allows an agency to pool a portion or all of its assets with the JCFC’s investment pool. The charitable organization entrusts the JCFC with the long-term management of its funds while retaining ownership of the monies. Unlike an endowment fund, a Custodial Fund is owned by the organization and can be withdrawn at any time (subject to notice periods). The purpose of establishing a custodial fund is to benefit from the JCFC’s investment expertise and management capacity. This type of fund is designed to meet organizations’ needs for the investment management of reserve funds and self-administered endowment funds.

  • Size and/or resources can constrain investment opportunities. Participation in the pooled fund is an opportunity to pursue improved investment opportunities and to minimize costs.
  • Organizations retain full ownership of invested assets.
  • All fund holders and organizations investing in our pooled funds earn identical total time-weighted returns.
  • Fund management fees are paid directly by the pool and thus shared on a pro rata basis amongst all the funds in the JCFC pool.
  • A nominal administrative fee is charged, payable annually. Fees are negotiated according to the particulars of participation and are generally the greater of $500 or 0.5% per year of the capital amount of the fund as at June 30th of each year. This fee is small compared to the costs associated with running a private foundation or trust. Quarterly fund statements for the fund and for its sub-funds (if any), detailed record keeping, cheque-writing, and regular communication are included in the annual administrative fee. Contact the JCFC office for specific information about the fees that would apply to your organization’s fund.
  • Liquidity considerations: the total investment pool is valued on a quarterly basis. There is no extra charge for cheque writing, and funds held at the JCFC can be withdrawn without penalty or extra charge (subject to notice periods). As a general rule withdrawals of $10,000 or less from the managed fund shall be permitted not more than once every three months upon thirty days written notice. Withdrawals of more than $10,000 are subject to sixty days written notice. Withdrawals of more than $100,000 are subject to ninety days written notice. These restrictions may be waived under exceptional circumstances, which shall be subject to approval by the Treasurer of JCFC. Approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, but if extra charges are incurred as a result of early withdrawals, they will be passed on to the organization.

An Endowment Fund

Permanent endowments provide an ongoing source of annual revenue to the charitable organization. Donors may contribute to organizational endowments through the JCFC or by contacting the organization directly.

Endowments receive a prorated share of the income earned by the JCFC pooled investment funds. The fees for organizational endowments are the same as the fees charged for all permanent endowments and consist of a prorated share of the administrative expenses incurred in the operation of the Foundation. The JCFC is committed to keeping expenses low in order to direct as much income as possible to our fund holders to be used for good works. Administrative expenses have consistently been less than 1.8% of the capital of the Foundation.

Things To Consider Before Establishing A Charitable Organization Fund With The JCFC:

  • The funds managed by the JCFC are pooled and invested in a diverse range of asset classes with the aim of protecting the real value of the funds entrusted to us over time, generating an optimum stream of distributions to beneficiaries, and supporting the Foundation’s day-to-day operations. Safety of principal is paramount, but depending on the performance of the JCFC’s investment portfolio, there could be periods of low or even negative returns. The JCFC’s average return for 10 years ended June 30, 2015 was 5.9%.
  • Endowment funds become the property of the JCFC – the principal cannot be returned to the organization.
  • Establishing a permanent organizational endowment with the JCFC will appeal to some of your donors because monies in the fund cannot be reallocated by future boards for other purposes. Some donors are willing to give larger gifts when they know their gifts will be held by a foundation committed to following the terms set out by donors in their fund agreements.
  • In years of high performance, the JCFC will, at the direction of the board as advised by the investment committee, allocate a portion of the prorated income that is due to each endowment fund to the capital of that fund in order to preserve the granting power of the endowment against inflation. In effect, in years of high performance, each fund will still receive its prorated share of the pooled investment income, however, the amount available for distribution will be reduced and the amount held in capital will be increased.

JCFC is a community foundation committed to providing personalized service to every fund holder. Helping our institutions remain financially strong ensures that their programs and services will available for subsequent generations. For further information on organizational funds, please contact the JCFC office 403.640.2273