More than 140 individuals and institutions have chosen the Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary as their partner in philanthropy

Here are ten reasons why donors like working with us:

 1. Flexible

You can support as many causes as you wish – any charitable organization registered in Canada with the CRA — through the JCFC.

2. Simple

No start-up costs and minimal paperwork.  We take care of the financial reporting, asset management and we issue charitable receipts.

3. Personalized

We work with each donor and their advisors to design giving plans suited to their charitable and financial goals. We are committed to building trust, one relationship at a time, with everyone we serve.

4. Accessible

Minimum contribution to establish a fund at the JCFC is $1,000.

5. Satisfying

You’ll feel good knowing that you are giving back to your community and helping to ensure its ongoing vitality. Your donations make a difference.

6. Cost-Effective

We operate on a cost-recovery basis. Pooled administration provides economy of scale, lowering annual fees to the 0.5% to 2.0% range.

7. Financially beneficial

You will optimize savings on capital gains, estate and income taxes.

8. Reliable

We have been a reliable and consistent facilitator of our donor’s philanthropic wishes for more than twenty five years.  Our funds are invested by one of North America’s top financial advisors, under the oversight of an experienced investment committee.

9. Service-oriented

Our staff responds to donors’ requests quickly and capably.

10. To Create a Jewish Legacy

We are here today and we will be here tomorrow, acting as a steward of permanent resources for the well-being of the Calgary Jewish Community.