Anne FrankAnne Frank is an inspiring example of the power of an individual voice. While her own life was cut tragically short, her story also celebrates resistance, perseverance, and the triumph of humanity over inhumanity.

In 2005, volunteers and community leaders collaborated to bring the exhibition Anne Frank in the World, 1929-1945, to Calgary. This important exhibit was curated by the Anne Frank Foundation, Amsterdam, and came to Calgary from the Anne Frank Center, New York. It has been viewed by many millions of people worldwide, and more than ten thousand individuals in Calgary, including over 2,500 students.

Bringing the exhibit to our city involved the joint efforts of those who believed in Anne Frank’s universal and inspirational message.

The Anne Frank Fund for Holocaust Education is a permanent endowment fund established to continue the work begun at the time of the exhibition. It is a living legacy that reminds us that we must collectively strive towards creating a more just and inclusive community, seeking always to address and heal racism and challenge all forms of discrimination in our community.

The earned income from the Anne Frank Fund is disbursed annually directly back to the Calgary Jewish Federation to support holocaust education programming in our community.

The Anne Frank Fund is open for contributions to all members of the community.