The Gary Rosenbaum Memorial Children’s Assistance Endowment Fund

The only thing bigger than Gary Rosenbaum’s smile was his heart. He was a gentle spirit, committed to his family and his community.

Gary touched many lives with acts of kindness. He didn’t have to be asked before offering help, and when asked, he seldom said no. He was a great friend, an enthusiastic participant in Jewish youth groups as a teenager, and a leader committed to building up the organizations he was involved with as an adult. Gary took his community responsibilities seriously: he was an active board member on many organizations, including Jewish Family Services Calgary and the national board of JIAS, the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society.

Gary was a very quiet man. People underestimated his passion for helping. When he did, he did it quietly, behind the scenes with no desire or expectation of honours or public acknowledgment.

The Gary Rosenbaum Memorial Children’s Assistance Endowment Fund was created by Gary’s family to honor his life and memory. The fund is managed at the JCFC and the income generated by the fund is granted annually to Jewish Family Service Calgary to be used to support services for children, with a preference given to programs that benefit the children of new comers to Calgary. Embracing newcomers into our community and ensuring that every child has access to opportunities for a full and better life are values that Gary supported in word and deed during his lifetime. The Rosenbaum family hopes that others will be encouraged and inspired by Gary’s memory to undertake their own acts of loving kindness.

Tzedakah tatseel me’mavet:

Acts of Charity Overcome the Sorrow of Death