Mackie and Gladys Shuler - 1987

The Gladys & Mackie Shuler Health Support Fund joined the Foundation family in 2009, moving over from Jewish Family Service Calgary where it was originally set up to ensure the fund would exist in perpetuity.  Designated annual gifts are made to Jewish Family Service not only as a family memorial acknowledgement, but to fulfill the mitzvah of Tzedakah and help those less fortunate.  The fund was originally created by Gladys’s husband, Mackie, and her daughter Sandy.  It was established to honor the memory of Gladys Shuler who dealt with life threatening health issues her entire life.  She lived to be 77 years in spite of these often debilitating challenges.  She always credited wonderful medical and family support and attention for her longevity, but she had a strong determination and passionate will to live life to the fullest.  She felt fortunate to have all of the “health supports” she did that helped to contribute to her quality of life.  For this reason, the fund was developed as a way of offering others faced with health challenges a means of additional “health support” to enhance their own quality of life.

Support by the fund can supplement respite care, prescriptions/medications, and homecare medical aids and equipment.  Requests for special health related needs are considered.  Family and friends are aware of this fund and are encouraged to contribute both as a way to memorialize Gladys and Mackie, but also as a way to fulfilling the mitzvah of Tzedakah and helping others less fortunate.

Sadly, Mackie passed away February 6, 2014 at the age of ninety. Mackie was the respected family patriarch who lived his life by values of ethics, kindness, generosity, Jewishness and care for his loved ones.  In March 2014, Sandy renamed the fund as the Gladys & Mackie Shuler Health Support Fund to include the memorial of her father.

Sandy lives in Calgary with her husband and grown children.  She’s raised three sons in Calgary, all of whom grew up connected in the Jewish community through the Jewish Centre, Day Schools, Synagogue and communal organizations.  Sandy has been an active Jewish communal volunteer with the Calgary Jewish Academy, the Calgary Jewish Community Centre, The Chevra Kadisha and a long-time staff member of Jewish Family Service Calgary.  The Shuler family has a long history of communal affiliation, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Sandy says, “Working with the Foundation allows for professional stewardship and administration of our family fund and donations, in perpetuity.  It is also a way to acknowledge and support the significant role the Foundation plays in our Calgary Jewish Community.”