Deciding to share your good fortune with others is a first step on the rewarding path of philanthropy.  Like any journey, it’s more likely to be successful if you have a clear direction and an experienced guide you trust to help you along the way.

No matter your area of interest, the JCFC can help you champion your cause.  By effectively addressing your financial, tax and estate planning needs, we can work together to help you achieve the greatest charitable impact.

The benefits of establishing a fund

  • Convenience and timing: a fund with the JCFC provides you with the opportunity to realize significant tax benefits.  You can take a tax deduction now—when you make a gift to the fund—without immediately having to choose the charities you want to support.
  • Simplicity: you can support a number of charitable organizations and centralize your giving without having to retain records for separate contributions.
  • Accessibility: contributions can be made to your Fund by you and your family and friends at any time.
  • Family philanthropy: Families can build a tradition of giving and teach their children the value of philanthropy by involving them in the decisions about which grants to recommend. Plus, you can name your children as the next generation of fund advisors to carry forward a true legacy of giving.

We invite you to learn more about planned giving options so you can select the right fund for you. You’ll be pleased to learn how quick and easy it is to get started.

Thank you for wanting to make an impact in your community.