Have you considered making a charitable gift, but you’re just not sure what type of gift to make? Planned giving is about matching your tax and estate planning goals with your philanthropic ideals.

Donors usually consider making a gift in the form of a cash outlay in the present. The term “planned giving” is used when a donor decides to give over an extended period of time or at some future date, either a number of years from now or at time of death. The donor makes a present decision to make a future gift and formalizes this decision in a legal contract.

Planned giving offers a number of significant benefits, both personally and financially. By planning their giving, donors can maximize the impact of their philanthropy and address other financial and estate planning issues, realizing significant savings on income, capital gains and estate taxes.

Above all, donors have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the future of the community, supporting the causes they care about for generations to come.

Begin with a personal plan

Like many people, you may feel overwhelmed with charitable organizations campaigning through the mail. So many requests can tire and confuse even the most generous among us. There are ways, however, to revive the pleasure found in helping others.

Before you start planning the details of your gift, think about the results you want to achieve.

  1. What would you like to accomplish with your philanthropy? What are your passions, values and goals for giving?
  2. How would you like to be involved in, or manage, your giving?
  3. How much money do you want to commit to your philanthropy? Would you prefer to make a charitable gift during your lifetime or as part of your estate?
  4. Do you want to involve others in your giving, either inside or outside your family? If so, who?
  5. Are there time-sensitive tax considerations influencing your giving decision?
  6. What are your income objectives? Perhaps you need income from your financial assets; perhaps you more interested in reducing your taxable income. Both of these objectives can be fulfilled through a planned gift.

The Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary would be pleased to help in your charitable planning.

We can help to build a strategic philanthropic plan that empowers you, your family, and the community. Contact our office to learn more about options that may work for you.

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