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A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a tax-saving alternative for people who want to make a substantial gift to the JCFC. Charitable Remainder Trusts offer you a guaranteed lifetime income along with substantial, immediate tax savings.

A Charitable Remainder Trust is created when a donor irrevocably transfers assets (usually cash or highly appreciated stock) to a trust and then specifies a charity like the JCFC as the recipient of these assets upon his or her death. The trust will pay income earned on these assets to the donor or other designated income beneficiary during his or her lifetime; at the end of the trust, the remaining assets will be used to capitalize your fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary. Gifts to a CRT can be made in cash, but more often consist of highly appreciated stock.

As the capital of the trust (the amount that was originally contributed) is not accessible, you are entitled to an immediate donation receipt that can be used to reduce taxes.  Probate and other estate costs can be avoided.