JCFC Disclosure Policy – January 2015 (pdf)


The Foundation’s business practices provide opportunities for the donor to indicate his or her preference for identification of the fund name, personal name or anonymity when a grant is made from the donor’s fund or through the community pass-through grants fund. The Foundation’s Privacy Policy outlines the principles on which this and other personal information is collected, used and disclosed. Records of donations and grants are maintained by the Foundation to ensure compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations and to properly carry out the business practices of the Foundation.

It is the policy of the Foundation to publish the name of all funds, annually. The founder of any fund may request that the fund be listed as Anonymous, in which case the Foundation may assign a number, i.e. Anonymous Fund No. 18. Publication may be on the foundation’s website and/or in materials which are distributed in hard copy.

The Foundation may also publish annually the names of the recipient organizations of all monies distributed by the Foundation. However, the name of a particular fund from which such monies were distributed is not normally published.

For Custodial Organization funds, all donors and amounts are disclosed to the organization unless the donor requests the gift to be anonymous. The Foundation wishes to facilitate the acknowledgement and stewardship of these gifts by the recipient organization to the donor, where appropriate.

For tribute gifts (memorial, birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.) the family is notified of each donor’s name unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous. No individual gift amounts are divulged; only fund balances.

For all other gifts to funds where the founder is still living, the donors’ names and amounts will be divulged to the founder upon request by the founder, unless the donor has requested that the gift be anonymous.

Where there is a written agreement, the founder of the fund may request that the text of the agreement, but not its existence, remain confidential, except as required either legally or by Foundation practice.

All gifts received may be reported to the Board as per operating procedures in place. Anonymous gifts are reported as such to the Board with the amount and fund donated to being disclosed. The Board Chair reviews all gifts including anonymous gifts.